Since 1946, East Penn has been producing high quality batteries for the automotive, commercial, marine, industrial, and specialty markets. A progressive company committed to the future, East Penn has the largest single-site manufacturing facility in the Western Hemisphere. Pursuing the industry's most aggresive expansion plan, East Penn's new hi-tech facilities and the state-of-the -art computer monitoring and control systems have made us the most technologically advanced battery manufacturer. All Deka batteries and accessories are produced at a huge, single-site manufacturing plant.

Facilities at this 225+ acre site include three automotive battery plants, an industrial battery plant, wire and cable manufacturing plants, an oxide mill, a modern technical center,an EPA-approved lead smelter and refinery, two water purification plants, a fully equipped machine shop, a fleet repair and maintenance garage plus dozens of other facilities. Computer integrated manufacturing techniques combined with more than 250 quality control checks guarantee that every Deka battery meets our rigid quality and performance standards as well as your customers' expectations. Staffed with a stable, long-term managment team, East Penn is an independent and growing company dedicated to producing a first-class product, delivered on time when and where it's delivered.

East Penn's 175,000 square foot Distribution Center houses more than half a million SLI batteries, hundreds of industrial batteries and thousands of accessory items. A highly sophicated "real time" inventory/order processing computer provides accurate order tracking and fast customer service. An extensive network of services centers and warehouses complements our D.C. inventory.

Computer-aided manufacturing using the industry's most modern computer-integrated equipment has made East Penn the leader in advanced battery manufacturing techology. State-of-the-art computerized is implemented in every phase of battery production including grid casting, paste mixing, plate curing, assembly and forming.
East Penn's huge, EPA-approved smelter and refinery take the worry out of scrap battery disposal. We pay competitive prices for scrap batteries and our smelter is one of the few that uses a reverberatory furnance for "soft lead" production as well as a blast furnance for "hard lead" production. This allows us to safely recycle 100% of every scrap battery which creates a "worry free" source for raw materials and a cleaner enviroment.

Using the newest and most advanced Techi-
cal Center in the industy, East Penn's engi-
neering team keeps us in the forefront of battery
research and development. We are constantly
utilizing the most up-to-date technology and
equipment to create innovative, dependable
new products.
East Penn's large, modern truck, trailer and van fleet
is on the road continually, keeping distributor and
retailer stocks available when and where merchan-
dise is needed. Our fully equipped maintenance ga-
rage keeps the fleet rolling around the clock.