Deep Cycle Series

Deep cycle service means that the battery bank is called upon to deliver power for auxiliary loads such as house power, trolling motors, auxiliary equipment, communications and many other types of electronic equipment typical of marine applications. In contrast to the quick surge of power that is required for starting, deep cycle batteries are called upon to deliver smaller amounts of current over long periods of hours or days, rather than seconds.

While Deka deep cycle batteries can deliver plenty of starting power, they are specifically designed to withstand the special rigors of long, deep discharges and long, slow recharges. These super deep discharges and recharges can literally tear ordinary batteries apart from the inside. Sitting in a discharged condition causes the battery to corrode on the inside, just like iron rusts and corrodes in the salt air. If not recharged promptly and properly, the plates in a battery can disintegrate and fall apart in short order.

The Deka Marine Master Deep Cycle series is specifically designed to withstand the harsh environment. Deka batteries may cost more than other so-called "deep cycle" batteries... but they deliver so more. We have designed and built our batteries especially for the severity of deep cycle service. Others simply take car batteries and put a deep cycle label on them. No wonder they are so cheap. With Deka, you get what you pay for.