Gel Cell Marine Batteries

Deka Dominator

For years, Deka Dominator, known simply as "the grey battery," has set the standard for performance and quality for gel batteries. This tradition continues as Deka Dominator teams up with Deka Marine Master to give the discriminating marine battery buyer and system designer the widest choice of the highest quality marine batteries available... anywhere!

Dominator gel batteries offer many significant advantages over conventional liquid acid batteries. Because there is no liquid electrolyte to leak or spill out of the battery, the Dominator can be easily installed in hard-to-reach locations. Even if the Dominator is left discharged for thirty days, it will still come up to 100% of capacity, unlike conventional flooded batteries. Because it has gelled electrolyte, it cannot sulfate like a liquid acid battery, and since there is no liquid, there is no need to check fluid levels. The Dominator's gelled construction also eliminates vibration damage to plates, a common problem with flooded batteries. The Dominator even works under water!