1) Brass Stud - High conductivity, low resistance, self-locating.
2) Cover - Heat sealed with lead insert bushing prevents leakage and voltage to ground.
3) O-Ring Seal - Accommodates positive plate growth without cover distortion and leakage.
4) Post - Special alloy for increased strength and conductivity.
5) Post Plate Strap - Extra heavy to insure a permanent connection between post and plates.
6) Positive Grid - A non-porous lead alloy casting, designed for maximum current carrying capacity, capable of many years of excellent service. Lead alloy is manufactured on-site and undergoes rigid testing before, during and after casting.
7) Active Material - Manufactured on-site to exacting specifications and uniformly applied under rigid laboratory control to ensure maximum efficiency throughout long battery life.
8) Jar - Molded of high-impact material to remain leak free under rough treatment.
9) Bottom Shield - Provides extra protection on bottom of positive plate to prevent shorting between plate and sediment.
10) Vent Cap - Quarter-turn bayonet type simplifies watering and inspection.
11) E-Z Link Copper Core Connector - For fast and easy cell changes.
12) Separator Guard - White color increases visibility for fast electrolyte check. Solid insulating fingers extend between plate lugs to prevent shorting between plates and strap.
13) Negative Plate - Engineered to compliment positive plate performance.
14) Vertical Mat - Laminated construction comprised of uniformly space fine glass tape that imbed into the active material and an interwoven glass tape that imbed fiber mat wrapped vertically around the positive plate insuring optimum active material retention.
15) Horizontal Mat - Made of glass fibers with in insoluble binder. Breaks up gas bubbles and increases positive plate insulation and performance.
16) Retainer - A high porosity perforated envelope that encases positive plate and glass mats to prevent shorts and insure maximum performance and life.
17) Separator - Deep channeled, microporous, impervious to heat, acid and corrosion; provides insulation between positive and negative plates while allowing the free flow of electrolyte throughout the cell.
18) Bridge - Provides firm element support and ample sediment space.

Steel Tray - Heavy gauge with acid resistant protective coating. Steel covers furnished as required.

Electrolyte - In ample volume to insure top
performance at all rates of discharge.